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Salerno Vitamins Launches Earoplane’s™

January 14, 2015

The Salerno Center, a leading center for complementary health care and medicine, is pleased to announce the release of Earoplane’s™, a revolutionary new children's formula expertly designed to relieve ear pain during air travel. The new product will be available for purchase as of today. Created specifically for children ages 4-12, Earoplane’s™, a sugar-free, chewable tablet for children with chronic ear pain, especially when flying, is useful in relieving the pressure and stress often associated with air travel. Earoplane’s™ is the first to combine natural plant-based ingredients such as Quercetin, Bromelain and L-Theanine with xylitol, and lou han guo fruit extract to provide safe and effective relief for children. 2 chewable capsules should be taken 60 minutes before boarding any...

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