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Based on the latest research and cutting-edge studies, Salerno Vitamins formulates natural supplement products for you using only high-grade raw materials. These materials are then rigorously tested using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), a system for ensuring product consistency and quality standards, resulting in a process which helps ensure your getting the best product you can positively trust.

In other words, our commitment to supporting your excellence is evident in everything we do.

With the help of our comprehensive, safe, and easy-to-order natural product line, you can instantly start living the healthy lifestyle you've always wished for.

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Dr. Salerno's Top 3 Product Recommendations for Preserving and Enhancing Brain Function

February 02, 2015

Salerno Ultra Daily Essentials  This high potency product is a complete multi-vitamin, multi-mineral formulation of more than 50 important nutrients with high antioxidant levels plus powerful botanicals and pure Omega-3 capsules.  Taking care of your health has never been so easy with convenient packets that make a full supplement routine completely ''On-The-Go!'' Lithium Orotate Lithium orotate is considered a mineral, just like calcium and magnesium. It has been shown to play a role in anti-aging, have beneficial effects on human behavior and is an essential nutrient for the brain. Memory Factor  Contains 13 key neuronutrients for optimal cognitive function.  The ingredients in Memory Factor were chosen for their complementary and documented roles in neuronutrition and are supported by other key...

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Salerno Vitamins Launches Earoplane’s™

January 14, 2015

The Salerno Center, a leading center for complementary health care and medicine, is pleased to announce the release of Earoplane’s™, a revolutionary new children's formula expertly designed to relieve ear pain during air travel. The new product will be available for purchase as of today. Created specifically for children ages 4-12, Earoplane’s™, a sugar-free, chewable tablet for children with chronic ear pain, especially when flying, is useful in relieving the pressure and stress often associated with air travel. Earoplane’s™ is the first to combine natural plant-based ingredients such as Quercetin, Bromelain and L-Theanine with xylitol, and lou han guo fruit extract to provide safe and effective relief for children. 2 chewable capsules should be taken 60 minutes before boarding any...

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