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Dr. Salerno's Top 3 Product Recommendations for Preserving and Enhancing Brain Function

Salerno Ultra Daily Essentials 
This high potency product is a complete multi-vitamin, multi-mineral formulation of more than 50 important nutrients with high antioxidant levels plus powerful botanicals and pure Omega-3 capsules.  Taking care of your health has never been so easy with convenient packets that make a full supplement routine completely ''On-The-Go!''
Lithium Orotate
Lithium orotate is considered a mineral, just like calcium and magnesium. It has been shown to play a role in anti-aging, have beneficial effects on human behavior and is an essential nutrient for the brain.
Memory Factor 
Contains 13 key neuronutrients for optimal cognitive function.  The ingredients in Memory Factor were chosen for their complementary and documented roles in neuronutrition and are supported by other key neuronutrients in Dr. Salerno''s Daily Essentials Factor.  Used daily, this combined spectrum of nutrients may improve absentmindedness and other mild memory problems associated with aging.

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